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Freely Moveable Joints (FMJ)

Freely Moveable Joints is an advanced level Zero Balancing course that expands the focus of Zero Balancing from the foundation and semi-foundation joints of the body to include the “freely moveable joints” of the body. Zero Balancing principles and techniques are taken beyond the Core Zero Balancing protocol into other arenas. The freely moveable joints present unique therapeutic challenges because of the variety of their anatomy and their great ranges of motion. By the end of the program you will have the skills to evaluate and balance freely moveable joints and the knowledge to devise your own fulcrums to meet the specific needs of a given situation. In Freely Moveable Joints we will review basic ZB principles and highlight their application to a number of joints in light of their specific anatomy. The skills and education inherent in this course will broaden your Zero Balancing abilities and will improve your Zero Balancing sessions.


In this 4-day workshop, you will learn:​

  • Highlights of Zero Balancing principles as they apply to FMJs

  • Upper extremity: shoulder girdle, shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers

  • Lower extremity: knee, ankle, metatarsals, toes

  • Accessing the sacro-iliac joint via the hip

  • Acetabular hip fulcrum

  • Temporomandibular joint fulcrum

  • Direct bone fulcrums and ‘bone bending’

  • Teachings designed to deepen your basic ZB skills and protocol use

  • By exchanging Zero Balancing sessions and seeing ZB demonstrations



“As a massage therapist this work allows me to identify and quickly relieve pain that would take much longer with massage.” Antoinette Guiseppone, MT

“These fulcrums not only feel like they would blend and flow with the protocol, I have more confidence in using ZB principles to create my own fulcrums.” Jackie Imbimbo, MS

“[This course] gives me more tools and confidence to work with elbows and knees and ankles and jaws. Most importantly, [FMJ] deepened my understanding of ZB overall.” Rachael Timberlake, LAC

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