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Upcoming Courses

Click on a workshop in the list to find out more detailed information and registration details. Registration is via individual faculty. If links are inactive, the workshop may not yet be open for registration. 

  • Zero Balancing Level One - January 2025, Palmerston North. Dates and venue to be confirmed

  • Zero Balancing Advanced Course - January 2025, Palmerston North. Exact course, venue and dates to be confirmed

These workshops are regularly offered in NZ & Australia and are part of the ZB certification programme. Additional workshops may be offered by guest teachers from time-to-time, and will be listed under the workshop schedule above. Click on any course title to read a full description of the tools and principles you will learn about.

ZBI —   Zero Balancing I 

ZBII — Zero Balancing II

ETH — Ethics & Professional Practice*

FMJ — Freely Moveable Joints*

AOT —  Alchemy of Touch*

GOH —   Geometry of Healing*

*Students must take both ZBI & ZBII before enrolling in an advanced workshop

Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions
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