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Details of the Certification Process

The Certification Process takes between 1-3 years. By the end of the process, candidates will have a good understanding of the principles of Zero Balancing, and demonstrate their ability to give a full ZB session. There are two certification tracks, one for those who have an existing qualification in a recognised health care field, and the other for those starting out in the healing arts. 

Certification begins once the application for certification has been received and accepted by the

certification committee. ZB sessions given or received before acceptance into the certification programme will not count towards certification. However approved courses taken at any time, and in any country, will be credited towards certification.


1. The cost of the programme includes an administrative fee of $960. This can be paid in installments, however payment needs to be completed before your certification process is complete. Individual courses tuition, touch-feedback and books are additional.  When you apply, you can ask for a specific mentor, or one can be chosen for you based on location and availability.  You will be assigned a mentor, who will give you feedback on your case studies, help you find information, and support you during the whole certification process. Your administrative fee is good for 3 years, after which time if you haven't yet completed the certification requirements, you will need to apply for an extension with an additional fee. 

2. All Candidates must complete training in the the Core Protocol. These courses are pre-requisites to any of the advanced courses, whether you are on the certification track or not!

  • Zero Balancing I

  • Zero Balancing II


3. You can choose any two advanced four day ZB courses, that may include (but are not limited to) the following;

  • Alchemy of Touch

  • Geometry of Healing

  • Freely Moveable Joints

Additional approved advanced 4 day courses taught by visiting faculty or taken overseas, also count towards certification.  You may also choose to repeat ZBI or ZBII in lieu of an advanced workshop.

4. Give Fifty (50) Zero Balancing sessions, keeping a record of the dates, and initials of the client. These can all be different people, or multiple session on the same individuals. However there must be at least 10 seperate individuals.

5. Fifteen (15) of these sessions written up as short (approximately 1 page) case studies which are

submitted to a mentor for feedback. These will usually be submitted in batches of five,

approximately near the beginning, middle and end of the certification period.

6. Receive 4 Zero Balancing Sessions from Certified practitioners, in good standing and paid active

members of the Association (this does not need to be 4 different practitioners, but candidates are

encouraged to receive touch from as many different practitioners as is possible).

7. Have a touch-feedback session with an active faculty member. This involves giving a session and receiving detailed feedback on areas of strength, and areas for improvement.

8. Submit a special project or essay relating to Zero Balancing.

9. Pass a multiple choice, open-book exam.

10. Pass a practical exam – a ZB session given to a faculty member.

Note: This will be at no additional cost to the certification candidate.

If candidate does not have *existing health care certification/licence the following are required:

  • Ethics & Professional Practice for Zero Balancers - 2 day course

  • Anatomy and Physiology equivalent to NZQA level 4

  • First aid course

*Candidates with a nationally accredited and regulated qualification healthcare includes but is not limited to: Medical Doctor, RN, midwife, podiatrist, Licensed acupuncturist, Osteopath, chiropractor, Naturopath, Homeopath, Medical Herbalist, Physiotherapy.

Candidates with training in the healthcare field that is non-regulated in NZ, and/or

candidates with 2+ years as an established practitioner, will submit information about their

training to the cert coordinator for review. This includes but is not limited to:

Massage therapy, Cranio-sacral therapy, body-talk, yoga teacher, Bowen therapy.

Who can be a mentor?

1. A Certified ZB teacher in good standing with a residential address in Australia or New

Zealand can mentor a student through certification. (Some students have chosen a faculty

mentor from outside of NZ/Australia and this can be appropriate - but requires the US faculty to

be in contact and understanding of the NZ/Aus requirements and procedures which differ.

2. A Certified ZB practitioner in good standing, who has been certified for 2 years or more,  who is a paid active member of the Association can be appointed as a mentor with faculty approval and supervision.

Download the certification application form

Apply online for Certification

Cert application form
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