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The ZB community comes together around the principles of Zero Balancing itself.

Principles like:

  • holding others in the highest personal regard

  • maintaining good boundaries

  • leaning in for support

ZB in New Zealand
& Australia

About Us

The Zero Balancing NZA (ZBNZA) is a membership organisation that serves the Zero Balancing community of New Zealand and Australia. The purpose of the ZBNZA is to promote Zero Balancing in New Zealand and Australia by training and supporting skilled practitioners and by increasing public awareness of ZB and its benefits.

We aim to ensure that ZB classes are offered regularly and in such a way that taking classes and obtaining certification is as streamlined as possible. We endeavor to support students and practitioners of ZB by providing online resources, by connecting ZB students with mentors and fellow community members, and by maintaining regular communication via our website and newsletter.

We increase public awareness of ZB through consistent high quality and professional marketing efforts, through organization of community activities and via other means, as supported by ZBNZA membership dues.

The current board of ZBNZA are:

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