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ZB in New Zealand
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Learn Zero Balancing and get the skills you need to deeply address your clients needs and grow your practice.


And it's fun!

Learn to Heal

All healing is self-healing. As a Zero Balancing practitioner, you will support your clients to find and engage with their natural healing process, leading to immediate and long-lasting improvement in function and reduction of pain.

The result is deeply satisfying for both clients and practitioners.


"After each session I feel really relaxed, and all the things I was worried about before just seem a little less stressful. And after a series of sessions, my knee pain is completely gone!

A New Career

Sessions from certified Zero Balancing Practitioners are preciously valued and sought out by those who have experienced this powerful system of healing.

People who have not heard about Zero Balancing before, or who have perhaps never received any form of bodywork, often find themselves lifetime recipients of ZB after just one or two sessions.


Word-of-mouth referrals play a major role in helping develop the reputation and networks which lead to a sustainable Zero Balancing touch therapy practice for any Certified ZB Practitioner.

Learn Principles And Techniques

The fundamental ZB technique is called a fulcrum — a field of tension around which your client's body can relax and heal.


Through ZB training you will learn dozens of fulcrums and a core protocol for addressing the entire body in under 45 minutes, along with an understanding of how to modify the protocol as needed.


You'll also learn key theories and principles of touch therapy, including understanding how there are particular types of touch. 'Interface touch' for example, is a powerful type of touch which will keep both you and your clients safe as you work with energy fields in the body.

Learn the Basic Protocol in Just One 4-day Course


After taking just one 4-day course (Zero Balancing I), you'll have the skills you need to give a basic 45-minute Zero Balancing session. You'll also have license to integrate ZB techniques into your existing massage, acupuncture or other body-therapy practice.

In the Introductory course you will learn principles and tools of Zero Balancing that will set you up for becoming a Certified ZB Practitioner. Or you may want to use this basic protocol to give session to family and friends, or simply to understand more about working with structure and energy in the body.

Watch this video about learning Zero Balancing

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All Videos

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More Information

Those wishing to apply for certification can do so through the Student Portal

Obtain the login for the Student Portal from your tutor, or contact us, after completing ZB I


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