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Latest News from ZBNZA

November 2023

Judith Sullivan Courses are GO!!!

Judith porttrait w skull.jpg

Yes that's right. The Zero Balancing Advanced courses (Addressing the Viscera, and Addressing the Skull)  are definitely going ahead in April 2024. We passed the minimum of 14 students per course needed to make these courses happen last week. But new registrations are still rolling in. (Currently 17 on Viscera and 20 on Skull)

We have confirmed students visiting from Australia and the USA. So it's going to be a truly special occasion mixing with their NZ counterparts. A great social and sharing opportunity for us all.

The Board of ZBNZA are delighted  with this result which we are sure will take ZB to the next level in NZ.

(Please note: You need a minimum of ZBII to register. These courses do not count towards ZB certification.)

Registrations Close:


We will need to cap the maximum number of students at 26 per course. Registrations will close at the earlier of reaching the maximum, or 28 February 2024.


Bear in mind that this is the last time that Judith will ever run these courses, anywhere. She's dynamic, professional, highly experienced, and she tells GREAT stories which help students remember the essential information. And she is so excited to be doing this in New Zealand!

Register here



25% is due on registration. 50% is due by 15 December 2023. Balance due by 28 February 2024. Or you can pay the whole sum now, up to you. Please refer to Karen Duff for queries on registration or payment. 

Karen said this week, "Wanting to let you know that some of you will have received an automatic statement update sent from Xero (our accounting package) and it may have stated that there are overdue payments, which there will be if not fully paid up.  As stated in my letter to you you can either pay full payment upfront or by the instalments. 


"The next payment is due on 15 December 2023 for those paying instalments.  This was done so I didn't have to manually send lots of separate invoices as I really do not have the extra time.  Remember being the treasurer is a voluntary position and I do it for ZBNZA."


If you are located in the wider Christchurch area and could offer accommodation for NZ or international students for up to 10 days, please let Rhys know. And I'm sure a reasonable boarding fee wouldn't be out of the question. You don't need to be on the course!

If you are travelling to Christchurch and would like to explore sharing accommodation with other students please let Rhys know. By doing this you consent for Rhys to share your email with anyone else who is looking to share accommodation. Please note Rhys is NOT arranging your accommodation, just sharing your details. He will start this sharing private email group later in November.

New ZB Practitioner
Fleur Devine

Fleur Devine is New Zealand's newest Zero Balancing Certified Practitioner! She is pictured below with Faculty, Rebekah Harbour, soon after completing qualification and graduation as a Certified Zero Balancing Practitioner in October. 


Fleur is based in the Motueka Valley in the Nelson region and was delighted to complete her certification during the recent Alchemy of Touch course.

Recent Training

We were delighted to see two ZB training courses run near Palmerston North recently by Rebekah Harbour. This is an area close to where Rebekah lived for many years, and where her mum, Suzy Hawes, still lives. 

The courses run were Zero Balancing II attended by 6 students and Alchemy of Touch attended by 7 students, including one Australian!

The location was an organic dairy farm, which was beautiful, peaceful and a trifle wet underfoot at times. But a wonderful setting for this work!

So great to see ZB training in NZ again this year!

ZB Swap Day
28 January 2024 - Wellington Region

Rhys is planning a ZB Swap day on Sunday 28 January, somewhere in the wider Wellington area (location to be confirmed). If you are interested in coming please email Rhys. He's hoping that Rebekah Harbour might be able to zoom in as well, in which case it will be upgraded to a Study Day (with swaps!).

You are very welcome, what ever part of NZ (or Aus) you maybe living in. Hopefully by giving a bit of notice on these days in future, those from further away might be able to plan to make it too!

It is important for all ZB students to meet for swaps on a regular basis if they can. Many of us don't live close to each other, so it can take a bit of organising. But it is so worth it to receive ZB as you know, as well as to practice and get some feedback on our ZB touch.


Swaps are not arranged by the board, you can plan your own one's in your own area's at any time. If you would like these advertised in this newsletter, just coordinate with Rhys, and he will let you know when the next newsletter is due.


ZB Swap Days
Canterbury Region

Canterbury Swap Day and catch ups are back and happening now one on on and from 02 February 2024, are be open to the wider ZB Community.  These swaps will be held every month usually every 1st Friday of the month at Karen's place in Harewood.  Please confirm with Karen prior to attending and bring your table please.  These swaps are open to any ZB Practitioner, Certification Student or past ZB students wanting to advance further.


New Logo

Peter Woodgate is part of a team hard at work behind the scenes working on an updated Zero Balancing logo for use worldwide. It is displayed at the top of this page. Various sizes and shapes of logo will soon be available for Practitioners to download from the Practitioners Portal on this site. At that time new portal passwords will be circulated for all paid up members.


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