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Ethics & Professional Practice (Ethics)

This 2-day workshop is required for NZ & Australian certification candidates who do not have a health care license.  We look at closely at the client-practitioner relationship and how understanding ZB principles such as the donkey connection and blue line, help us to navigate our empowered role in ways that serve both ourselves and our clients.  Additionally the class looks at how to talk about ZB to clients and other professionals, how to set up your practice and troubleshooting.  As always we review the protocol and have the opportunity to refine our touch and understanding of ZB principles.

In this 2-day workshop, you will learn:​
  • The special responsibilities of the client-practitioner relationship

  • How understanding ZB principles supports you in maintaining an ethical practice

  • How to be an empowering healer

  • How to navigate ethical considerations that may come up in your practice

  • How to talk about ZB in ways that meet your audience

  • How to support your clients fully while staying within scope of practice

  • How to navigate red flags 

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