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Zero Balancing Expanded
Addressing the Viscera (ZBX VISCERA)

COURSE TITLE: Zero Balancing Expanded: Addressing the Viscera

TEXT BOOK: Zero Balancing Expanded: The Attitude of Awaiting a Fish by Judith Sullivan

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Addressing the Viscera is a four-day course that teaches you how to evaluate, mobilize and balance the structure and energy of the visceral system, including internal organs, membranes, cavities and other important structures. Using anatomy knowledge and Zero Balancing principles (Interface, the Blue Line, fulcrums, working signs etc.), you will gain the skills and confidence to easily integrate visceral work into your ZB sessions. Through demonstrations and practice you will learn treatment protocols, specific fulcrums and techniques for individual organs, and general principles for constructing your own visceral fulcrums. Please bring your copy of Zero Balancing Expanded: The Attitude of Awaiting a Fish. This is the study guide for this class.


You will learn:

  • The anatomy, mobility, and specific evaluations and fulcrums for each organ

  • The 5-element acupuncture concepts of Elements and Officials, which introduces us to the energetic quality of each organ and its relationship to the entire body

  • How each body cavity is related to certain qualities, roles, thoughts and emotions and how these impact our organs

  • About the physical and functional relationships among different organs: Large Intestine, Small Intestine, Pancreas, Kidneys, Bladder, Heart, Lungs, and, Uterus, and between the Liver and Gall Bladder, and Stomach and Spleen

  • How to evaluate and balance the abdomen and the valves of the digestive system


What Participants say:


“I am a craniosacral and Zero Balancing practitioner and this class is a perfect melding of the two. I especially liked bringing attention to an area and allowing the organs to communicate with each other.” -Jennie Finn, LMT, CST


“This class was spectacular, clear, magical, spiritual and very physical.” -M Eliz Grady, PA


“I will incorporate abdominal work in most sessions, including the dorsal hinge drop. I have come to greatly appreciate the energy of the kidneys.” -Christine Allen, LMT

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