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Zero Balancing Expanded
Addressing the Skull (ZBX SKULL)

COURSE TITLE: Zero Balancing Expanded: Addressing the Skull

TEXT BOOK: Zero Balancing Expanded: The Attitude of Awaiting a Fish by Judith Sullivan

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Addressing the Skull was created to help ZB practitioners use ZB principles when working with the skull and structures of the anterior and posterior neck. In this course we will look at skull anatomy and its relevance to ZB, and explore different qualities we feel in the skull and their significance. In addition, this class introduces detailed anatomy of the face, mouth, throat, and skull, and methods for evaluation and balancing these areas. Presentations demonstrate the power of this work through case studies and clinical experiences. Please bring your copy of Zero Balancing Expanded: The Attitude of Awaiting a Fish. This is the study guide for this class.


You will learn:

  • To determine which cranial sutures are energetically significant

  • How to determine what pressure to use and where

  • How to engage "neighbor" bones to help those in trouble

  • Ways to nestle with the skull and brain

  • Fulcrums for soft tissues of the mouth, teeth and jaw

  • Fulcrums for the ears

  • To evaluate and balance structures of the anterior neck and throat

  • How the sacrum and ilia relate to the skull

  • The anatomy of the central nervous system and how to balance the dural tube

  • How facial trauma affects the whole cranium

  • How to weave skull fulcrums effectively into your ZB sessions

What Participants say:

“The integrative protocol and 3D fulcrums can be incorporated into all my sessions. I’d recommend this course and take it again myself.” -Cameron Babberney, LMT


“The work with the brain has been extremely informative and inspiring.” -Joshua Berry


“I’m excited to expand my ZB knowledge. Can’t wait to refine and explore all the new skull fulcrums.” - Jason Hammond, LMT, LAc


“This class will help me work more confidently with TMJ issues.” -Monica Marler, LMT


“I was inspired that ZBX is about love and the quality of interaction between human beings.” -Judith Medina Rivera, DMD

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