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A Personal Tribute to Anne Kershaw     


Dear Fellow ZBer, ZB student, Anne’s mentee,                                                                                           

It’s been an emotionally challenging week for many us, as we are trying to come to terms and adjust after Anne's passing.


Some of us knew Anne was unwell, however most of us had no idea how unwell she really was. She chose it this way as she didn’t want to be fussed over.  

Paul was fortunate to be able to attend her service, which was packed out with family and friends from all over the country. It was palpable how dearly she was already being missed.


Anne was a strong and dynamic force for Zero Balancing. Many of her clients were horses, and she pioneered Zero Balancing with Horses training programme here in NZ. People at the service spoke of many miraculous healing stories, for themselves and their animal friends. 


There were emotional accolades and tributes sent from shocked and saddened friends all over the world.


Fritz Smith the founder of Zero Balancing wrote this lovely piece.


In appreciation and with love Fritz

"In America we came to know and love Anne so much because the many trips she made to join us in studying zero balancing.  She became a model for many of us with her enthusiasm and creativity regarding Zero Balancing and the equine world. Her laughter, joy of life and playfulness was a gift to all of us, as was her teaching and sharing with so many others. Her open heart was amazing -- she asked so little and gave so much. Thank you, Anne, for all the gifts you have left us. You had a very successful, meaningful life, from which many people will continue to benefit. May you Rest In Peace”. 

From a sad yet grateful heart, Fritz Smith, founder of zero balancing.


RIP Anne.

Thank you for all the hard work and support that you have given us and to ZB here in New Zealand.


With the gap that Anne has left, ZBA-NZA will take on a new shape.  We will take our time to allow the community and organisation to adjust, gently, adapting to the needs of our community.



Paul and Rebekah

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